Experience Gulmarg Like Never Before At The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa

Come And Experience Paradise At The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa, Gulmarg

When someone reiterates tales about Kashmir, which is the most spectacular and admirable haven that is closer to heaven, they certainly do not talk much about Gulmarg as their eyes have a lot more to say about the grace of the valley than their words. One can see it in their eyes the blissful capture of the sightseers galloping around the meadows on horse-back and embracing the surrounding beauty of the valley.

But this tale dates two decades back when the beauty of Gulmarg was the only mate that accompanied the visitor’s wilderness wandering through the meadows. So what’s more to add to the beauty of this tale about the modern day’s Gulmarg? It’s The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa that is built in a style that replicates the true architectural heritage of Kashmir and is carved out from the locally sourced pine and slate.

Khyber Himalayan Resort
The 2014 Conde Nast Traveller Awards and Travel+Leisure India Best Awards winner, this 85-room resort is just 190 meters away or a one minute drive towards the south from the very famous Gulmarg Gondola Cable Car in the Baramulla District on the Alambal Road. So all you need to do is board a flight from either Delhi (1 hour Duration) or Mumbai (2 hours 45 minutes Duration) to Srinagar, as there are direct flights to Srinagar daily from these two cities, and head towards The Khyber which is 65 Kilometers away from the Srinagar International Airport.

As a traveler, undermining the 90 minute ride from the airport to the resort, which is a complete adventure in itself as the four wheeler expedites its way through the forested slopes and drooping meadows, is like discriminating between the natural and material beauty. Once the driver steering the wheel puts a break outside the resort, the huge wooden gates open up to start your mesmerizing journey of experiencing the interior of Gulmarg at The Khyber Resort which is as beautiful as the exterior of the valley.

The Khyber quest begins from the Lobby area that is furnished with chairs and tables that are carved out of pine and resonate the original architectural heritage of Kashmir. The hanging lanterns accentuate the furnishings thereby maintaining the vintage touch although not disregarding the modern look.

Lobby At Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa
The real beauty of one of the gems of Gulmarg portraying the true magic of internal treasure of the valley starts beyond the lobby area. So here is the list of amenities and luxuries that The Khyber offers to its visitors:

1. Intimate Hideaways In Rooms And Cottages

The rooms and cottages at Khyber are the perfect hideaways to take a breathtaking view of the Affarwat Peaks or the evergreen Valleys.


When it comes to rooms, the visitors have either the Premier rooms or the Luxury Balcony rooms to choose from for their stay at Khyber. Traditional materials are used to carve out the interior of the rooms and the Kashmiri crafts, be it silk carpets from local looms furnishings embellished with crewel embroidery, carved walnut paneling, teakwood floors or papier mache accents, enhance draw upon Kashmir’s rich heritage of craftsmanship. Unlike the Premier Rooms that have ceiling-height windows to take a view of the valley, the Luxury Balcony Rooms have attached private balconies for you to sit and soak in the valley view in a personal space.

Rooms at Khyber Himalayan Resort


A covered walkway leads you to the Luxury Cottages that consist of one bedroom cottages, two bedroom cottages and presidential cottages for the touristy who wants more private an affair. The Luxury cottages have a spacious bathroom with a separate dressing room, a living room and a balcony that gives an astounding view of the valley. But the Presidential Cottages are just like your own home as they comprise of a master bedroom with two additional bedrooms each with a luxurious bathroom, a private heated plunge pool with a jacuzzi, a living room, dining room, a full kitchen and a spacious private garden.

Cottages at Khyber Himalayan Resort

2. Fine Dining To Satisfy Your Palate

The Khyber Resort offers exquisite dining that ranges from savory food to authentic tea and coffee to accompany snacks. So here is where the fine dine is served to the visitors:

Cloves Restaurant

Satisfy your cravings for the most authentic cuisines across the world at the Cloves Restaurant. And when in Kashmir, how can one forget to savor Wazwan, the plentiful feast of the Kashmiri weddings. So Cloves at Khyber offers all of that along with a surrounding that captures the nobility of mountains.

Cloves Restaurant at Khyber Himalayan Resort

A Covered Deck Named Nouf

What can be a better place than a covered deck to relax and indulge oneself into a casual dining with friends and family. Nouf as they say serves traditional coal-fired barbecues to the guests just the way they like to add more to their leisureliness and liveliness.

Nouf at Khyber Himalayan Resort

Sip Kahwah At Chaikash

As the name suggests, Chaikash meaning soaked tea leaves offers everything from chais, coffee, tisane (herbed tea) and kahwah along with finger food for you to indulge in the tea experience that solely belongs to Kashmir. The Tea Lounge opens to a terrace that flows further down to a series of cascading terraces for the guests to take more closer and personal mountain view.

Chaikash at Kyber Himalayan Resort

Smoke A Cigar Or Hookah At Calabash

Calabash is the Cigar and Sheesha Lounge that boasts of Cigar brands like Partagas, Monte Cristos and an assortment of flavored tobaccos in Sheesha for you to lounge for hours and share your personal experience of Gulmarg.

Calabash at Khyber Himalayan Resort

3. Indulge Yourself

Whether it be balancing out the over indulgences at Khyber in the form of savoring sinfully rich cuisines or making peace with the body pain that is a result of leading a city lifestyle, Khyber ensures that it has amenities to offer to its touristy for the wellness of their body and mind.


The Khyber Spa by L’OCCITANE is one of India’s most luxurious and wholesome experiences that will make you undergo self indulgence aided by sultry textures that are applied to your body, sensational music and soothing aromas. Every season has a signature treatment to offer to its guests that comprises of mixing seasonal home grown flora with natural L’OCCITANE products. The Spa ensures that it gives hand performed treatments to guests over machines to maintain its authenticity.

Spa at Khyber Himalayan Resort


You really do not have to bother about the rich intake as The Khyber has a gymnasium to balance out your consumption of rich and heavy meals. Separate Sauna and Steam facilities and Jacuzzis for ladies and gents as well as an indoor swimming pool makes the entire experience of working out complete and leisurely.

Gymnasium at Khyber Himalayan Resort

4. Indulge In Indoor As Well As Outdoor Activities

The Khyber Resort ensures that monotony stays miles away from the guests as it has activities to offer even for those dull moments. When the peaks are covered with snow, one can plan to go for a ski as the Gulmarg Gondola, which is the world’s highest Ski lift is very close to the resort.

Ski at Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa
Warm days have a host of activities that range from Gondola rides, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Rock Climbing to White Water Rafting, Para-Sailing, Hang Gliding and Jeep Safaris for the guests. The Khyber’s Activity Concierge will be available to help you plan activities in as well as around the resort.

For touristy who does not love to engage in adventure, Horse Riding, Carting, Sledging, Snow Scooters and Golf are some of the other outdoor activities to undertake. Apart from the outdoor action, The Khyber also has indoor delight for the guests that include Snooker and Billiards.

So plan your vacation at The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa and experience paradise as this rare gem would make you experience Gulmarg in the most impressive way.

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