Martin Garrix David Guetta Collab Releases ‘So Far Away’ Track

Finally, Martin Garrix David Guetta Collab Released The Much Awaited ‘So Far Away’ Track That Was First Unleashed On The Tomorrowland 2017 Main Stage But Without Ellie Goulding’s Vocals

Martin Garrix David Guetta Collab

It was on the main stage of Tomorrowland 2017 that the fans witnessed two big DJ’s, Martin Garrix and David Guetta coming together to play a completely new track that incorporated female vocals from Ellie Goulding and male vocals that the fans recognized were done by James Arthur. The track was titled ‘So Far Away’.

The pop hit was not one out of those heart thumping music titles that would set the ground for fans to hit their feet hard onto the dance floor. But it was certainly the one that would make the crowd sway slowly! Though much could not be judged at that point in time about how the final version of this emotional ballad would turn out to be.

But now the wait has finally come to an end as Martin Garrix David Guetta collab officially released the ‘So Far Away’ track on itunes and Spotify on Friday, December 1, 2017.  Unfortunately, the final version of the song does not include female vocals from Ellie Boulding, instead Romy Dya is the female singer while Jamie Scott is the male vocalist of the track.

From past few days, rumors about Ellie no longer being the female vocalist for the track were doing rounds and the reasons underlying  Ellie’s oust from the playback of the song were unclear. But the latest twitter exchanges between Ellie and Garrix have uncovered the entire story. It seems Ellie’s record label pulled her vocals from the track given Martin’s premature on-stage premier of the song which didn’t go down well with the record label, though Ellie confessed that she loved the song very much.

Download the ‘So Far Away’ track from Spotify and iTunes now!

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