Which Party Shooters You Always Wanted To Take A Kick Of But You Didn’t Till Date?

These Shooters Would Quickly Get You Loaded To Carry On With Your Noble Pursuits At A Party

After a hectic and a chaotic week at work, all you long for is a Friday night, when you can hit one of the dazzling nightlife destinations along with the best people and party your way through the night. These dazzling nightlife destinations attract the most discerning crowds as they offer the best DJ’s, premium drinks, a hyped ambiance, savoring food and a party that extends till the wee hours of the day. But one thing that makes that nightlife experience an ultimate one is the “Liquor Shooter”. Shooters, as they are casually called, are specific concoctions of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients unlike shots, which are straight drinks, made with only alcoholic ingredients. So here is a list of shooters you certainly need to try out on your next night-out.

1. B-52

B-52 Shooter
B-52 is one of the classic shooters in which no single flavor of any of the three layers that go into the making of the shooter dominate the taste. This shooter tops the list and is high on demand. The shooter is a layered shot that is built from one part of Kahlua, one part Baileys’ Irish Cream and one part of Grand Mariner and the layering is done in the same order to get that perfect taste. The proportions of the layers need to be in perfect quantity as the shooter goes down the same hole though the layers are only to make the shooter look attractive.

2. Flaming Dr. Pepper

Flaming Dr. Pepper
Flaming Dr. Pepper is a shooter that tastes like the carbonated drink named Dr. Pepper, although it is not one of the ingredients that go into the making of the shooter. It is made by filling a shot glass with 3 parts of Italian Liquor named Amaretto and one part of high-proof Bacardi 151, an alcoholic rum that is 75.5% alcohol by volume and is layered on top of the Amaretto. To extinguish the flames, the shot glass is dropped into a glass half-filled with beer. So guzzle up the shooter to get the taste of the carbonated drink Dr. Pepper.

3. Jägerbomb

Jagger Bomb Shooter
One of the shooters that top the bomb shot list is the Jägerbomb, where a bomb shot is a mixed drink that is made by mixing two drinks. It is also one of the popular shooters that are ordered at the bar by many. The Jägermeister is poured into the shot glass which is then dropped into a glass of beer or any of the energy drinks such as the likes of Redbull. Jägermeister is very strong liquor that has a slight taste of the Anise seed, therefore the downer effect of the alcohol is offset by the caffeine high energy drink or beer that is poured in the glass.

4. Boilermaker

Boilermaker is a beer cocktail which has beer as the primary ingredient and the secondary ingredient is an alcoholic beverage such as whisky. Either whisky is drunk in a single gulp and is chased by a glass of beer or the liquor and beer may be mixed by dropping the shot into the beer, commonly known as depth-charge. As far as the flavor of the shooter is concerned, not much is said about the same as whisky is added to the shooter to give an extra kick that might not be felt with just the beer.

5. Irish Car Bomb

Irish Car Bomb
Again, Irish Car Bomb is a bomb shot that is similar to boilermaker. This shooter is not meant for the faint of heart as the shooter contains a lot to assimilate really quickly. It is made with Irish stout which is dark beer, Irish cream and Irish Whisky. The Irish Cream and Irish Whisky are layered with Irish cream layered on the bottom of the shot glass. Then this shot glass is dropped in beer mug that is ¾ of the way full. To get the taste of the shooter, one needs to gulp it down, otherwise the taste increasingly becomes worse.

6. Three Wise Men

Three Wise Men
The name given to the shooter is quite appropriate and the three wise men in this case are none other than Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky, Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The shooter blends three types of whiskey together. It is a very strong drink, so just give it a thought once before any of your wing-man at the party tells you to gulp it down.

7. Jello-Shot

Jello Shot
This is a shooter which gets the creativity of a bartender at display as the shooter can be made from any flavor of gelatin, flavors could be layered and the unset mix can be poured into molds to give different shapes and can be tried with any other liquor such as tequila or rum. This shooter is made by dissolving the packet of Jell-O Gelatin in boiling water and then ice-cold vodka is added to the mixture. These shots not only blow your head completely but also taste good.

8. Tequila Slammer

Tequila Slammer
As the name suggests, the drink gets its name from the way it is commonly consumed. The normal procedure to have the drink is to leave about a fifth of the glass empty to allow the drink to fizz, then to hold one’s hand over the top of the glass and slam it onto a hard surface to mix it. The entire process of slamming the glass releases gas bubbles from the mixed drink that leads to intoxication. The drink, served in a rock glass is made with equal parts of tequila and a carbonated beverage, although champagne can also be used making it the Golden Slammer!

So all you need to do is hit one of those night-out destinations, get all the shooter glasses lined up on the bar and get the ball rolling!

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