8 DIY Meal Kits India Concepts For A Struggle Free Gourmet Cooking

Here Are The Best DIY Meal Kits India Concepts To Cater To Your Penchant For Gourmet Cooking Without Any Inconveniences

Trying your hands on gourmet recipes has always been a challenging game as it involves shopping for those special ingredients, which are not only hard to find, but are rarely used in the normal course.

The apprehension of buying those ingredients in quantity and then stocking them only to become stale or expired given the rarity of its use restricts you to engage yourself into fancy cooking.

Moreover complicated recipes shared by world class chefs on social media, which are quite challenging to understand for a novice cook like you, demotivates you further.

And how can we forget that your work keeps you engaged for major part of the day and to cook after work is certainly a bad idea!

Well, to make gourmet cooking convenient and help you prepare those gourmet dishes you always wanted to try at home, there are a handful of food experience companies in India who have been preparing DIY meal kits just for people like you.

Blue Apron Meal Kit, DIY Meal Kits India

Image Courtesy: National Geographic

A well proven concept in countries like USA, certain food enthusiasts in India have been preparing these meal kits for quite a while now in cities like Delhi-NCR, Mumbai Hyderabad and Bangalore and have been resolving challenges faced by people on-the-go with regards to gourmet cooking.

Now, you might be wondering what is a DIY Meal Kit?

Well, a DIY meal kit comprises of pre-prepped and portioned ingredients including freshly chopped vegetables, condiments, sauces and fresh breads just in the exact quantity for you to combine them and cook the meal.

Blue Apron Ingredients, DIY Meal Kits India

Image Courtesy: NY times

In order to ensure that you follow the exact steps and recipe, the kit is accompanied by a step-to-step recipe manual for you to follow so that there is not a great variation in taste.

So, here are the best DIY Meal Kits India Concepts for you to order your favorite authentic dish and prepare it at home within no time!

1) Burgundy Box

Burgundy Box BBQ Chicken, DIY Meal Kits India

Based in Mumbai, Burgundy Box is an innovative food solution provider that offers fresh and neatly packed Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Meal Kits made with fresh, pre-prepped and portioned ingredients so that you don’t have to either shop for any of the ingredients or engage yourself into chopping vegetables.

Burgundy Box BBQ Chicken Ingredients, DIY Meal Kits India

The meal kits  also contain easy-to-follow recipes for you to follow the instructions and prepare meals within no time. The menu is quite diverse that ranges from Indian, Burmese, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Italian to American  and German and offers both veg and non veg meals.

The above image displays BBQ Chicken Steaks grilled and combined with tossed vegetables.

Price – 270 INR
Availability – burgundybox.in

2) Out Of The Box

Out Of The Box Pad Thai, DIY Meal Kits India

Out of the Box was started by husband and wife duo Kapil and Reshma Sanghi, who run the very popular Food for Thought cafe inside Mumbai Fort’s landmark bookshop, Kitab Khana. It prepares meal boxes that carry pre-measured ingredients of the gourmet food who’d always wanted to cook at home.

Out Of The Box Pad Thai Meal Kit, DIY Meal Kits India

The menu is quite extensive and offers a mix of Italian, American, Mexican, Indian, Spanish and more. This is one Pad Thai and its one of the national dishes of Thailand. It’s the very popular stir-fry noodles mixed with a variety of vegetables and smeared with the authentic sauce.

Price – 350 INR
Availability – ootbox.in

3) iChef

iChef, DIY Meal Kits India

Another meal kit kit concept, iChef is based in Mumbai and offers boxes of pre-measured, labelled ingredients along with a guide that gives step-by-step instructions in preparing a truly gourmet dish at home within no time.

The recipes at iChef are prepared by Culinary Institute of America (CIA) trained chefs and have been adapted keeping novice cooks in mind. So you don’t have to worry about the proportion of ingredients or shopping for the special ingredients that make up for your gourmet dish.

These are Vietnamese rolls, one of the Oriental dishes showcased in the menu, that is served with peanut sauce and chilli sauce.

Price – 250 INR
Availability – ichef.in

4) Chef's Basket

Arrabbiata Single Serve Chef's Basket, DIY Meal Kits India

Three IITians co-founded Fizzy Foodlabs, a Mumbai based ready to cook and ready to serve food startup in August 2012 to offer  fresh, natural and authentic global cuisine in ready to cook portion pack formats through its  Chef’s Basket brand.

Arrabbiata Single Serve Chef's Basket Guide, DIY Meal Kits India

Chef’s Basket offers ready to eat meal kits that primarily comprise of Italian and Oriental meals and also serve freshly prepared packs of dips and pasta sauces for you to have a hassle free and a great cooking experience.

The Chunky Arrabbiata Pasta Box is a perfect mix of Italian herbs and tomato chunks for red Arrabbiata. You just need to boil, saute and toss and this gourmet recipe gets prepared within no time.

Price – On Request
Availability – chefsbasket.com

5) Let's Chef

Chicken Fattoush Let's Chef, DIY Meal Kits India

Founded by an IITian Mohit Bhatia, Let’s Chef is a meal kit delivery service that offers fresh ingredients in exactly right proportions of recipes that are designed by Chef Salil Fadnis. Salil has served reputed hotels like Oberoi and has a rich experience that spreads over 24 years.

The menu is quite diverse as it is spread over soups and salads, main course, sides and desserts. The meal kits comprise of both veg and non veg dishes and the order is home delivered across Mumbai only.

Let's Chef Chicken Fattoush Salad Ingredients, DIY Meal Kits India

The above is Chicken Fattoush Salad and is a middle east recipe prepared from fried pieces of Pita Bread combined with greens and other vegetables.

Price – 240 INR
Availability –  letschef.in

6) Cook Gourmet

Spicy Tawa Chicken Tikka Cook Gourmet Ingredients, DIY Meal Kits India

Co-founded by Sanny Chaudhary and Daman Singh Kohli, Cook Gourmet is a Delhi based gourmet meal kits provider that delivers pre-portioned ingredients for gourmet meals along with step-by-step recipes for you to enjoy cooking and avoid shopping for those special ingredients that are difficult to shop and are rarely used in regular course.

The menu is divided between exclusive and authentic premium recipes where exclusive ones are chef’s special recipes and the premium ones cover the classic recipes from around the world.

This one is Spicy Tawa Chicken Tikka and is picked up from Premium Recipes section. The boneless chicken pieces are smeared with a yogurt based marination and baked using skewers in a tandoor.

Price – 500 INR
Availability – cookgourmet.co

7) ChefKraft

ChefKraft Peri Peri Chicken, DIY Meal Kits India

Founded in 2014, ChefKraft is based in Bangalore and offers ready to eat recipe ingredients hand crafted by chefs in special containers along with an easy to red instruction manual for you to prepare a great gourmet meal at home.

Apart from offering Recipe Kits, Chef Kraft also delivers ready to eat meals that requires no cooking and Nutri-Gourmet food like salads and chicken that is high on nutrition and again requires no cooking.

The weekly plans which offer a different salad every day for five days in a week is something that makes ChefKraft different from the league. Above shared is the Peri Peri Chicken that is coupled with creamy mashed potato and corn Tomato salad.

Price – 500 INR
Availability – chefkraft.com

8) Inner Chef

Peppy Pesto Chicken Pizza InnerChef, DIY Meal Kits India

To create a culinary experience worth remembering, Rajesh Sawhney, Sanjeev Singhal and Bal DiGhent co-founded InnerChef in April 2015 and has been delivering great food experience in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

InnerChef offers DIY Gourmet kits that come packed with chopped and prepped ingredients along with a recipe manual for you to prepare and savor gourmet meals at home.

Peppy Pesto Chicken Pizza InnerChef Ingredients, DIY Meal Kits India

Its product portfolio also includes ready to eat meals, detox cleanses as well as desserts prepared by home bakers and neighborhood bakeries. The image above displays Peppy Pesto Chicken Pizza that is one of the exotic gourmet meals offered by InnerChef for this week’s menu.

The pizza combines pesto with handpicked toppings of succulent chicken, juicy yellow bell peppers and tangy sun-dried tomatoes.

Price – 299 INR
Availability – innerchef.com

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