5 Reasons Why You Should Hit Delhi Cavalli Cafe At DLF Emporio Right Now

Delhi Cavalli Cafe – A Luxury Cafe That Satisfies Your Finest Food Indulgence

The excursion to DLF Emporio Mall, New Delhi has always been extraordinary, but this time around the experience was just class apart with the high-end fashion brand Roberto Cavalli’s Caffe right next to its boutique on the ground floor at the DLF Emporio Mall, located in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Because of its flamboyance, vibrancy and home to the blue blood that doesn’t bother much before spending huge amount of money, Delhi has the privilege of being the sole host to the Cavalli Caffe in India.

1. Animal Print Interior Decor

Roberto Cavalli Caffe Delhi
Photo Credit: www.indianfoodfreak.com

The first thing that made me and my friend hit the place was certainly the interior decor of the Cavalli Caffe. There are instances when you fall short of words as the experience is so extraordinary that you just want to soak in the experience and want the same to remain in your head for the rest of your life. Believe me the Cavalli Caffe Experience in Delhi was one such instance! Me and my friend made ourselves comfortable on a Zebra animal print couch that stood in one corner of the caffe while the Manager was busy in performing the daily chores, the most demanding of them being serving the elite guests.

2. Complete Furniture Is Consigned From Florence

Roberto Cavalli Cafe Delhi
Photo Credit: www.cavallicafe.com

We could see the manager attending a group of young women, who were in their early twenties and turned out in their best summer attire. For a spec of a second it seemed as if the models adorning the hot collection during Spring Summer Fashion Week 2015 Runway sat around the table with their exposed limbs bedazzling in diamonds and other precious gems. When we had almost finished having half a mug of coffee, the manager paid his warm regards and now it was time to enter into a casual conversation with him in order to get more insights about the Caffe.

Being Smitten Away By The Ambiance And The Interior Decor, The First And The Most Obvious Question From Our End Was, “How Roberto Cavalli Caffe is Different From All The Other Cafes And Bars”?

It took the Manager less than 3 seconds to reply saying,”Eliteness”. He said, “Everything that is a part of the Roberto Cavalli Caffe, whether it be Food, Decor, Beverages, Clientèle or Attendants, belongs to the first class”. Talking about the Decor, since that was the first element that allured both me and my friend, the complete furniture is consigned from Florence, Italy, whether it be the signature Zebra animal print canvas of the sofas and chairs or the Zebra print embellishments that decorated the wall showcasing  the framed images of the world renowned fashion designer Roberto Cavalli with the other pr-eminent celebrities.

3. Chocolates & Cavalli Wines For The Guests

Roberto Cavalli Cafe New Delhi
Photo Credit: www.indianfoodfreak.com

The moment one enters the Cavalli Caffe, the shelves on the wall to the right of the entrance are adorned with imported Italian delicacies such as Chocolate Gift Boxes packed gorgeously and Exclusive Cavalli Wines for the guests to take them home and savor the authentic Italian taste packed in those boxes and bottles.

4. They Have A Delicacy For Every Appetite

Roberto Cavalli Cafe Delhi
Photo Credit: www.indianfoodfreak.com

Asking About The Type Of Food That Was Served On The Platter, The Manager Said, “We Have Everything Right From Breakfast To Aperitif, From Coffee Break To After-Dinner Drinks.”

The way the fashion designer is quite precise with the ambiance, right from the tableware to the furnishings, the exact specification and decisiveness is revealed in the menu at the cafe as well. The menu offers different assortment in platters, appetizers, soups, Pasta & Rissoto, Pizzas, Sandwiches and even main course and desserts. To complement these dishes, the cafe offers a great variety in Wines, Champagnes, Cocktails, Beer and Spirits. The Cuisine is Mediterranean to be specific.

5. Roberto Cavalli Boutique

Roberto Cavalli Cafe Delhi
Photo Credit: www.odisha360.com

When we went to the Roberto Cavalli Caffe, The Cricket World Cup 2015 had just begun and teams were through with few of the initial matches. Considering the mania and the rage people have for the sport in India, the Caffe had chalked out offers for people on a black board that stood just outside the main entrance in order to lure the guests.

The best thing about the entire Caffe is that it is situated right next to the Roberto Cavalli Boutique on the ground floor of the DLF Emporio Mall in Vasant Kunj. The Boutique and the Caffè are inter-connected with additional seating in the atrium of the Mall, so the shoppers can take a break and relax in comfortable and fashionable chairs and sofas, surrounded by crystal lamps and zebra animal-print carpets. The Designer ensures that the guests experience Luxury right from picking up pieces from the boutique to adorn themselves with the best fits in the beginning and then to pacify their finest palate with the   Mediterranean Cuisine in the end.

So if you want to experience extravagant indulgence, both in terms of food and attire, then there should be no giving second thoughts to Roberto Cavalli Caffe. Experience Luxury like never before!

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