The OnePlus 5 Soft Gold: Go Grab One As Its Limited To Select Handsets

OnePlus Announced a Limited Edition Of OnePlus 5 – The OnePlus 5 Soft Gold. Here’s Soft Gold To Prompt You To Buy This Features Jammed Budget Phablet, If The Existing Color Variants Aren’t A Great Deal For You.

Harping on its move to introduce Soft Gold to the OnePlus family last summer, the smartphone giant finally announced the coming of Soft Gold color variant on the all new OnePlus 5, although in select quantities.

OnePlus 5 has been teasing the release of this limited edition on the web from past couple of days. Here’s a glimpse of it, just in case you missed all the action.

The OnePlus 5 Soft Gold limited edition will, however, boast off same features as the existing OnePlus 5 variants, available in Slate Gray and Midnight Black.

So expect the quick Snapdragon 835 chip set, the improved quality dual camera at the back , 6GB RAM, 64GB of Storage and the full HD AMOLED screen.

And mind you, this budget phablet in Soft Gold comes at the same price, INR 32,999.

And if this ain’t much of a deal to excite you, eat this.

In the wake of giving its users wider options, company will be offering Slate Grey OnePlus 5 variant with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage in the weeks ahead.

The OnePlus 5 Soft Gold will be available in India on August 9, 2017 at 12:00 AM IST, both on and

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