Meet DJI Spark: A Mini Drone That Takes Selfies With Just A Hand Gesture

DJI Announced Its Cheapest And Tiniest Drone Yet, The DJI Spark That Launches On Your Palm And Can Be Controlled Via Simple Hand Movements.

Drones are getting smaller, cuter, simpler and way smarter than before. Portability, while keeping intact functionality, is what the quad-copter drone manufacturers have been targeting to get into these flying marvels off late.

That’s what DJI, the Chinese technology company known for its easy to fly drones and aerial systems, demonstrated by announcing its newest palm sized quad-copter, the DJI Spark, at its #SeizeTheMoment event in New York City today.

DJI Spark

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Much like Mavic Pro, the company jammed in some powerful features in DJI Spark.

The coolest feature on-board is the gesture recognition that allows you capture images via simple hand movements.

DJI Spark

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Wanna  click a selfie. Simply smiling with your arms folded will augment the picture taking functionality. Also, you don’t need your phone or a remote controller when Spark is on the Palm mode. You can simply control this cute little thing via movements by hand.

DJI Spark

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However, for more complex captures and video footage, you can use the Go 4 mobile phone app that lets you take DJI Spark in the air in various directions, for those quality captures.

Launching it is as easy as placing it in your palm and watching it take off. The faceware feature allows it to recognize your face and lift off your palm within seconds of its powering on.

DJI Spark

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It’s intelligent flight modes, tap fly and active track controls let you create cinematic aerial videos just with the help of few taps.

DJI Spark

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And you need not worry about editing your captures or video footage for its Go 4 app gets you filter choices and automatic editing templates that allow you to edit and simply share your videos on social media instantly.

Well, unlike Mavic Pro, Spark gets you a full HD 1080p video over a 4K video but with the same 12 MP still imagery. It’s multiple shooting modes, like the new Pano mode and Shallow Focus mode, make for versatile photography for you can capture vertical or horizontal panoramas and shallow depth images, in addition to the other modes found in the earlier DJI drones.

THe 2 – axis gimbal makes for a stable video shooting.

It can attain a top speed of 31 MPH; it’s vision positioning system (VPS), 3D sensing system, dual-band GPS, allows Spark to hover accurately anywhere, sense obstacles and land safely.

So whether it runs out of battery, loses connection or you want it to return to the place where it started from, it automatically returns to home with sufficient GPS signal. It can fly for maximum 16 minutes with one time charge, although you can charge the battery on the go as it has a micro USB port.

DJI is known for rolling out quality products at exuberant prices. And that’s what the tech enthusiasts were expecting world over.

However, it’s quite impressive to see DJI pack those beastly features at a price that’s relatively decent, with regards to its earlier offerings.

Starting at $499, DJI Spark is currently available on pre-order and will start shipping in June. which would include a drone, a USB charger, a battery and three propellers.


DJI Spark

Image Courtesy: DJI Store

DJI would also be shipping Spark deluxe version at $699 that would package a drone, two batteries, four pairs of propellers, a remote controller, propeller guards, a charging hub, a shoulder bag, and all necessary cables.

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