Beoplay E4 In – Ears: Active Noise Cancellation, Style & Power All Squeezed Into These Bitsy Earbuds

Bang And Olufsen’s New Beoplay E4 In – Ears Are Crafted To Let You Silence The World Around You And Simply Enjoy Uninterrupted Music.

Let’s just face it! We all have had tough times juggling with boredom while on public transport.

While most of us confide in our pair of headphones to get rid of it, we feel disgusted at times to put them on for that external noise that kills the whole experience.

Well, Bang & Olufsen just came out with their all new Beoplay E4 in – ears that allow for active noise cancellation so that you can simply silence all the fuss around you.

Beoplay E4 in - ears

Image Courtesy: Beoplay

The two microphones hybrid noise cancellation system lets you tune out the noise around with a simple gesture.

This technology was found in the earlier Beoplay H9 over – ear headphones.

So now you don’t have to reach out for your phone each time you wish to turn the noise down and focus on your favorite tracks or get into the surrounding hustle – bustle by turning the music off. Its Transparency Mode let’s you do that effortlessly with a quick gesture.

Another fact that makes Beoplay E4 earbuds desirable is their in – ear form factor. All the technology is jammed into these small and sleek earbuds that can fit into your pocket or a bag that you carry while traveling.

Beoplay E4 in - ears

Image Courtesy: Beoplay

These are crafted out of metal that is durable and scratch resistant. These come fitted with an inline remote control and a rechargeable battery that returns 20 hours of continuous playtime with active noise cancellation turned on.

When these run out of battery, you still can listen to what you were listening to. The music won’t stop. It’s just the active noise cancellation that stops functioning.

Each ear bud comes fitted with a 10.8 mm driver, is crafted from materials like stainless steel, rubber and polymer that make for an overall weight of 50 grams.

And when it comes to comfort, Beoplay E4 in – ears offer choice of silicone tips with four different sizes including the Comply memory foam ear tips that enhance the active noise canceling capabilities.

For now, you can purchase Beoplay E4 earbuds from Bang & Olufsen stores and Beoplay’s online store at 229 pounds.

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