Samsung’s Directional Speakers: These Are Portable And Come With The Goodness Of Headphones

Samsung’s Directional Speakers Would Allow You To Listen To Music Without Disturbing Anyone Around You, Just Like Headphones.

Imagine a painting on an  art gallery’s wall telling you about its making and history via a portable speaker, the sound of which only you can hear, the moment you stand in front of it.

Or imagine listening to your favorite tracks on a portable speaker in front of you while your sibling’s busy listening to another playlist on his speakers in the same room, each of you doing that without disturbing the other.   

One might think, how can sound produced by speakers not be heard by the surrounding people but only the person standing in front. We thought headphones were the best option to listen to music in isolation.

Well, hang on!  Not a new invention though, these are called directional speakers. These produce sound waves that travel in a column at much higher frequencies not audible to normal  human ear.

The moment these ultrasound waves hit something, these turn back into normal sound and the person standing in front can hear the painting tell its tale or listen to music in private .

And at CES 2018, Samsung’s going to unveil the new S – ray speaker ( S stands for ‘Sound’, just for your information), a part of its Creative Lab Project, that intends to replace your headphones and the resulting pain of wearing them as it makes directional sound that can be heard only by the user.  

Samsung posted a video with an excerpt on its blog flaunting the the S- ray speaker and ways in which it can be put to use to make your numerous experiences, from admiring a painting in the art gallery, undertaking your exercises to visiting a mart, exclusive and effortless.

It also reveals the three form factors that Samsung is planning for the S – ray speaker- Mini, Handy and Neck Band.

Have a look at the video below  to understand the use cases that Samsung has come up with for its S – ray speaker. For more on this, we have no choice but to keep calm until CES 2018 which is starting from January 9 2018. So stay tuned.    

Samsung's Directional Speaker: Sound Ray

About the Author: Alisha

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