5 Best Karaoke Machines 2017 To Rock Those House Parties

Set Some Serious Benchmark For Entertainment At Those House Parties Or Social Gatherings With These Top Karaoke Machines 2017

Asking a bunch of mates to join for a Karaoke at home or bar has been the most sought after way to notch up the level of entertainment at those social gatherings these days.

Gone are the days when a simple Karaoke machine that incorporated low audio fidelity and storage and was exorbitantly priced in comparison to the limited features it offered, was enough to satisfy your singing obsession.

Today, brands like Meomorex, Singing Machine and Singtrix have come up with home and professional Karaoke machines that offer a gamut of features in terms of audio fidelity, storage, streaming videos and audios, microphones, rechargeable batteries, machine portability and much more.

So whether you are just a Karaoke enthusiast or a bar owner who is in search of a great karaoke machine, these premium brands offer a range of karaoke setups that cater to the needs and budget of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

But given a wide array of karaoke setups available, it becomes quite overwhelming to conclude which one meets your needs and fits your budget.

Hence, before unleashing the best Karaoke Machines 2017, here are some things to remember before making an investment in these Karaoke setups.

1) Check the input output built in of the karaoke machines and chose the one that suits the connections from the type of equipment that you have at your disposal. Some Karaoke machines allow you to plug your iPod, iPad, phone or mp3 player directly for you to select songs and videos of your choice while others have an HDMI, RCA or digital audio inputs.

2) Ensure that your audio video equipment which involves speakers, microphones, amplifiers and LCD screen is compatible with your karaoke machine.

3) As a karaoke enthusiast who is in search of a high end karaoke machine that offers high audio fidelity, storage and a whole lot of features, be prepared to shell out more money as premium karaoke machines come at a greater price. And if you are just a beginner and looking for a machine from the perspective of entertainment, then there are a spectrum of machines that are decently priced and come loaded with standard sound quality along with modest functionality.

4) Different karaoke machines are compatible with different file formats such as Digital Compact Drive and computer based karaoke files. Chose the one that is compatible with the devices or equipment you already own and the one that suits your inclination, that is, whether to download songs directly from the internet, or use a USB or a CD drive!

So, here goes the list of the best karaoke machines 2017!

1) VocoPro JAMCube 2

VocoPro JAMCube 2, Best Karaoke Machines 2017

If you are in search of a high end portable PA System that comes loaded with great sound quality and premium functionality, then Voco JAMCUBE 2 is the one for you. Weighing around 36 pounds, this is an on the go machine that incorporates an adjustable strap to carry the machine along wherever you feel like karaoking with your mates.

The system comes loaded with a four channel mixer that supports both microphones with VHF dual mic mode and instruments, so a band of vocalists and instrumentalists each can set ablaze a social gathering. Plus ⅛” audio input lets you connect your mobile devices such as iPad, MAC, PC and iPhone and a ¼” headphone jack gives you the flexibility to be on your own with the machine.

The machine has a built-in media player that supports multiple disc formats including CD, MP3, DVD, CDG, and Photo-CD and is also incorporated with a USB port and a SD Card Reader. So in case you chose to carry songs on a portable storage device, you need not worry as the onboard USB port and SD card slot can access your files. Also with the help of a wireless remote, you change tracks on any format in the disc or media player.

Price – $315.00
Availability – amazon.com

2) VocoPro DVD-Duet

VocoPro DVD-Duet, Best Karaoke Machines 2017

VocoPro DVD Duet is an ultimate karaoke machine that plays almost any disc format including a DVD, CDG, MP3, Photo CD, HDCD and most CD-R, CD-RW formats.

Apart from the multiple formats, what makes the VocoPro DVD Duet an ultimate machine is that it comes with four 2-way 40W +40W speakers that split the high and low frequencies into two speakers for maximum power output.

As the name of the machine goes, the VocoPro DVD Duet comes with two professional mics and two microphone inputs each having separate volume controls, so that you can sing duets with your mates.

The best feature that sets the machine apart is the virtual control of the machine via a 12 key digital remote control.

Hence, you do not have to go through the hassle of standing beside the machine and controlling the settings manually.

For all those who love the MIDI sound format and like playing songs via cassettes, the machine’s deck comes fitted with a dual cassette compartment for you play your tapes or record and dubb performances.

The deck also has a five-band graphic equalizer to fine tune settings such as the trebble, the highs and the lows.

Price – $253.31
Availability – amazon.com

3) Pyle-Pro PWMA9301

Pyle-Pro PWMA9301, Best Karaoke Machines 2017

An all-in-one karaoke setup, the Pyle-Pro PWMA9301 is a wireless, 600 watt two-way PA System that is more of a powerful amp rather than a karaoke setup.

The beast comes powered with a whopping 8’ speakers that project your voice and audio with zest. This amazing machine comes with an iPod dock to place your mobile devices and play your favorite tracks with an ease simultaneously charging the device as well.

To top it all, the telescoping handle behind the iPod dock and the rotating castor wheels below make this machine portable, so it’s quite easy to reposition the PA System in accordance with the rest of the setup.

The wireless mic that accompanies the karaoke setup can operate within a range of 100 feet, hence giving you the leverage to interact with the audience in a better way.

What’s more to it? The amp runs on an internal rechargeable battery so that you can just unplug the machine and run it with great flexibility.

And to indicate you regarding the machine’s power levels and battery status, there are four LED’s to notify that: when the power is on, when the unit is charging, when the battery is low, and when the wireless mic is operating.

Also, there are plenty of external inputs that the machine incorporates – four ¼’ jack inputs total for two wired microphones, CD or MP3 player, guitar, and any other external audio device. Lastly, if you are an audiophile, there are plenty of knobs to control the sound settings such as treble, bass or the echo.

Price: $395
Available At: amazon.com

4) Singtrix SGTX1

Singtrix SGTX1, Best Karaoke Machines 2017

If one were to rate the Karaoke Systems and choose the best one out of the league, then Singtrix SGTX 1 certainly would be a clear winner.

What makes us say that? Well, the machine comes packaged with a gamut of professional features within a decent price range! Let’s start with the heart of the machine, that is the studio console.

The console is kinda control centre that transforms your voice by just controlling the buttons and a knob.

The console has more than 300 presets that the professionals use, each preset being a mix of vocal effects that produce a distinctive sound. So all you need to to do is choose a preset and start singing.

Also, for each preset, if you want four backup singers to sing in harmony, then you just need to push either the HIT button on the console or the mic and there you have backup singers supporting your vocal melody at a pitch that is either higher or lower than your vocal line.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a pro singer or just a beginner as the My Voice button on the console enhances your voice according to your singing skill set.And if you wish to sing with your mate, then you should know that singtrix studio works with two mics.

The Singtrix comes with hi-fidelity stereo speaker system that packs 40 watts of power and has a built in woofer at the bottom for that optimal singtrix experience. You can even use it for home theater or gaming speaker!

The console gets attached to a pro-quality mic stand with boom arm and a device holder for tablets, phones and MP3 players.

The best part about studio console – it comes with faceplate inserts in orange, black, blue and pink colors so that you can change the same according to the occasion.

Price – $389.99
Available At – amazon.com

5) ION Audio Block Party Live

ION Audio Block Party Live, Best Karaoke Machines 2017

If you want to liven up a dull party and add an enhanced level of visual excitement, then ION Audio’s Block Party Live is your way to go.

The portable wireless speaker system features not only a premium two way speaker system but also an exhilarating built-in multi-mode LED Light Dome that puts up a dazzling light show.

It has 4 Lighting modes including Beat Sync, Auto, App and Off for you to create a festive feel the way you like. In the Beat Sync mode, the motion and pulse of the light gets locked to the music for an intense visually striking display while the lights take on a life all their own in Auto Mode.

That’s not all! To manoeuvre the Light Dome real-time, Block Party Live comes with a free Android and iOS App for you to control the motor speed as well as choose the right color palette for your party.

The Speaker System comes packed with a two-way speaker system that incorporates efficient bass porting, and 50 Watts of pure sound power.

Its wireless technology helps you stream music directly from any Bluetooth-enabled tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or other device. And in case you plan to connect your mixer, laptop, MP3/CD player or any audio source, Block Party Live also offers a mini-plug stereo input to connect the requisite device and enhance your party experience.

And what makes Block Party Live take your on-the-go revelry one notch higher? It’s the internal rechargeable battery that gives power to Block Live Party and a telescoping handle along with built-in wheels for easy transport.

Be it your backyard or your living room, Block Live Party sets the ball rolling!

Price – $169.99
Available At – amazon.com

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