Levis Authorized Vintage Launched To Sell Authentic Vintage Jeans

For The Fans Seeking Real Vintage Products From Levis, The Brand Introduces Levis Authorized Vintage Line To Sell One Of The World’s Largest Collections Of Vintage Jeans

In order to give fans the most authentic and everlasting vintage products created by Levis from start to finish, the denim brand launched the Levis Authorized Vintage line that puts at display one of the largest vintage denim stocks in existence.

As per the complete report published by GQ, the Levis brand acquired mass amount of archive-quality denim, including jeans and Trucker jackets, plus hundreds of artistically unique and personalized pieces from a single owner, named Jeff Fuller, who has been preserving this vintage collection from past two decades.

A tech worker who had a personal quest of building a collection of made-in-USA Levis jeans from the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s, Jeff had over 50,000 pieces of second hand denim that instigated him to open a vintage store in Santa Monica back in the mid-90’s.

Levi's Authorized Vintage Line

And when Jeff’s hidden treasure – one of the world’s largest collection of vintage denim – was discovered by Levis, the brand decided to roll out authorized vintage jeans and trucker jackets by launching the Levis Authorized Vintage Line.

Jeff’s archive-quality denim range features 501’s, 505’s and 517’s in almost every wash and hue, trucker and sherpa jackets and pieces that had been embroidered, patched and drawn on by the owners who previously owned them.

For those of you who are coming across these three digit numbered jeans from Levis for the first time, it is important for you to know that it is a numbering system that is used by the denim brand to help you chose a peculiar style of jeans that comfortably fits your body. Each number represents an overall fit determined either through the waist, hips and thighs in case of women and through the waist, fit of the seat and the leg opening for men.

Levi's Authorized Vintage Line

So once you find the model numbered jeans that perfectly fits your body, you will come to know what model number to look out for the next time you shop Levis jeans. For more on the three digit model numbers and their relevance, you can read the Levis numerology post covered by Langston’s.

The introduction 0f Levis Authorized Vintage collection coincides with the launch of the denim brand’s newly remodeled New York City SoHo flagship store that will incorporate the Authorized Vintage collection for custom tailoring at its tailor shop by a team of master sewers. Apart from the custom tailoring at the SoHo store, the brand’s other exclusive tailor shops around the world will also customize these vintage denim pieces.

With the launch of the Levis Authorized Vintage line, the denim brand would change the terms of its vintage market dynamically as now it has a huge collection of its own vintage products unlike before. The brand has collaborated with brands like Off-White and Re/Done in the past to reconstruct vintage Levis jeans into modern fits. But now through its own Authorized Vintage program, Levis has instigated people to come forward with their vintage pieces and thus ensuring continuous supply even after Jeff’s supply clears out.

These vintage pieces will be more expensive as compared to the average Levis jeans given the integrity of the original styles preserved by the denim brand.

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