Kim Kardashian’s ScreenShop App Lets You Shop Looks You Heart On Social Media

Banking On Millenial’s Craze To Shop Looks They Have Been Adoring On Social Media, Kim Kardashian’s ScreenShop App Converts Your Phone Screenshots Into A Digital Fashion Store

Banking on the millenial’s desire to buy the outfits similar in styles they have been liking in their social media feeds, the TV realty star turned digital entrepreneur Kim Kardashian collaborated with the co-founder Molly Hurwitz, along with other team mates including Mark Fishman, Ari Bregin, Meir Hurwitz and leading Israeli technologist, Jonathan Caras to create a mobile app that will help them turn their social media fashion inspiration into reality.

Kim Kardashian's ScreenShop Logo

The app was launched worldwide on November 7 and is free to download for iOS in the App store and to sign up for the Android beta. The developer team at ScreenShop claims that the app is the first mobile app to seamlessly convert any screenshot on your phone and convert into a digital fashion store thereby allowing you as the user to easily shop the looks you love on social media, online, and on the street.

All you need to do is just take a screenshot on your phone. The ScreenShop’s technology then instantly scans the screenshots taken from any app or website on your phone and then converts them to similar, shoppable items at a variety of price points. Molly Hurwitz, ScreenShop’s co-creator and co-founder said, “ScreenShop is our way of helping consumers actualize the fashion inspiration on their social media feeds, providing them with an easy way to immediately shop the styles they see and love. I am all too familiar with the constant frustration of seeing styles flood my social media feed and never being able to find similar products that fit my lifestyle. ScreenShop provides the solution.”

Kim Kardashian's ScreenShop App

Kim Kardashian's ScreenShop App

Likewise, all your apps become a source of inspiration and hence you can even share the looks that you like or heart with your friends. Kim Kardashian, who has been an early adopter and adviser to ScreenShop for more than a year said, “It’s not a secret that I love social media and the notion of being able to shop from my feed is something I could only dream about. I’ve been working with the ScreenShop team to help define the concept and shape the user experience for over a year now. I am truly excited to bring it to market.”

This app bridges the gap between the looks that inspire you and you making an actual purchase of that look. And in order to turn your virtual inspiration into reality, there are a host of brands that ScreenShop has collaborated with. Morever, the in-built Artificial Intelligence helps helps in distinguishing your fashion related screenshots from other screenshots such as food or a text message one.

And, the more you use the app, the better Screenshop app understands your screenshots. Based on your preferences and the way you interact with the products, the App recommends you products from various brands that the app has collaborated. Not only that, the app also sends notifications from time to time so that you can shop the looks that you have saved as screenshots in your phone.

Also, to reduce the size of storing your screenshots and the amount of space that the app takes up on your phone, Screenshop leverages a smart storage technology to optimize the data that the app makes us of. For more information, visit

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