Aston Martin Valkyrie: The Impossible Hyper Car Looks Insane In Its Production Guise

Aston Martin Revealed The Aston Martin Valkyrie In Its Production Form With The Updated Design And Unmatched Aerodynamic Advancements That Make It A Real Monster.

When one of the greatest Formula One minds is at the helm of a project and he chooses to partner with an OEM like Aston Martin, you expect the impossible happening.

Adrian Newey, the Formula One engineer and currently the CTO of the Red Bull Racing Formula One Team is very near to living his childhood dream of making a road car with the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

From teasing a couple of iterations of this V12 hypercar since 2016 to sticking to the tradition of Aston Martin ‘V’cars – like Vantage, Virage, Vanquish and Vulcan, by naming it as Valkyrie, the OEM has given us a lot about this beast on and off.

And finally, it rolled out the images of its most production ready variant of this V12 Hypercar. Hell yeah! the production form of a car, touted as impossible to make, looks just incredible.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

Image Courtesy: Aston Martin

It’s got us an updated interior and exterior design with freakish aerodynamic advancements for greater downforce to drool over.

Let’s start with the body modifications that make it even more aerodynamically efficient.

The biggest changes in the body surface of the latest iteration are the openings between the cockpit and the front wheel arches that are responsible for the greater front downforce. The onus of integrating these openings in the overall design,while keeping intact the aesthetic appeal and the aerodynamic functionality, was onto the design team at Aston Martin.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

Image Courtesy: Aston Martin

Although, the aerodynamic capabilities make for the headline feature of the Valkyrie beyond doubt, the other striking details are the headlights that Aston Martin claims are 30 – 40 per cent lighter than any of the other headlamps in its series.

The company has also ditched the conventional door mirrors and has instead placed two rear facing cameras in each of the Valkyrie’s flanks for the sake of advanced aerodynamics and clean overall design. These cameras give you the rearview exactly like the traditional door mirrors.

Typical to Formula One cars, the Aston Martin Valkyrie too has roof mounted engine air intakes which lead down to where the traditional rear window would be . Hence roof air intakes together with the all-enveloping bodywork design result in ‘ a no rear window’, which means no need for a rearview mirror.

The design team also played with the Aston Martin ‘wings’ badge that sits at the front. The team decided to abandon the regular badge, owing to the fact that it’s heavy. It couldn’t go for a sticker, considering the class and quality that Gaydon automotive giant is known for. Hence opted for an aluminium badge, which the company says is just 70 microns thick, and when compared to the human hair, is 30 per cent thinner.

Another impressive innovation done with the intent to do away with the unnecessary weight is in the form of the centre high mounted stop light (CHMSL) at the rear end of the car. The company touts it to be the world’s smallest CHMSL, illuminated by a red LED.

When it comes to the interior, you’ve got nothing less to marvel at. Embracing the Red Bull spirit, the team made for ample space by placing the seats in a way that would make both the driver and the passenger take reclined feet – up position.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

Image Courtesy: Aston Martin

To make the driver have an uninterrupted driving experience, the team placed all the switch gear on the steering wheel, with steering wheel being detachable, making it easy for the driver to sit behind the wheel or move out.

Limited to just 150 units that are already sold before there roll out in 2019, the company claims that its 95% there towards the final design, with a space for only a few more non – critical modifications that can be seen in the final prototype.

Aston Martin Valkyries are undoubtedly the closest to the F1 cars for the road.

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