Christian Louboutin Collaborates With Sabyasachi For Their New Capsule Collection

The French Designer Christian Louboutin Collaborates With Sabyasachi To Create A Magical Limited Edition Capsule Collection For Both Men And Women

With the desire to showcase India’s rich craftsmanship and the exquisite fabrics that illustrate the Indian Couture, Christian Louboutin and Sabyasachi came together to create an ultra-limited edition capsule collection for both men and women.

Christian Louboutin Collaborates With Sabyasachi

Christian Louboutin Collaborates With Sabyasachi, Image Source –

The collection incorporates the most exquisite sari fabrics from Sabyasachi’s personal collection to handcraft and reinvent some of Christian Louboutin’s new as well as classic styles in shoes and accessories.

The High-End fashion designer known for his stiletto footwear, which incorporate his signature red lacquered soles, is known for bringing to the forefront shoes and leather accessories embodying fairytale magic. And this time around, to create that magic again, Christian Louboutin visited Sabyasachi’s home city of Kolkata as a result of Sabyas’ invitation to the French designer to pay a rare visit to his personal collection of saris and ribbons, after their first meeting in Mumbai.

Their first meeting, that was quite unplanned, happened in Sabyasachi’s Mumbai boutique and both the designers immediately agreed to collaborate for an exclusive capsule collection, given their boundless creativity and shared adoration for India’s culture, exquisite craftsmanship and love for food.

The duo first came together in July 2015, when Christian Louboutin designed the extraordinary shoes that walked the runway of Sabyasachi’s annual couture show held in Mumbai, followed again in October 2016, with a small number of exquisite handbags added to pair with the shoes.

Sabyasachi Thigh High Boot, Christian Louboutin Collaborates With Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi Thigh High Boot, Image Source –

The collection showcases nearly a dozen Women’s shoe styles, including an exquisite thigh-high boot crafted with elegant leather strips designed to harness and highlight the leg. Aptly named Tall and Deep, a very few pairs will be available worldwide as an exclusive, made-to-measure item.

The rich patchwork motifs of #CLxSabyasachi’s Louis Junior will take you near or far, from India to Paris.

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For Men, Christian Louboutin chose to revisit select iconic styles from his collections. For the classic Dandelion loafer, the French designer created an embroidered toe-cap that recalled traditional Indian wedding shoes while Louis Junior is transformed into an incredibly rich patchwork of motifs and colours, thus giving each classic shoe style a magical touch of Sabyasachi’s approach for designing that is not only exotic but is also sensitive and quite distinctive.

Sabyasachi Dandelion loafer, Christian Louboutin Collaborates With Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi Dandelion loafer, Image Source –

As for the accessories, the capsule collection features the Piloutin evening bag designed using Sabyasachi’s incredible sari ribbons collection and is created to just look like a precious pillow. This adorable Poupette handbag was created to complement those embroidered and crystals studded bags as an acknowledgement of love to the glamorous Bollywood actresses dressed in Sabyasachi.

Sabyasachi Piloutin Bag, Christian Louboutin Collaborates With Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi Piloutin Bag, Image Source –

The entire theme of the collection is termed as “Deep Sleep for Beauty” by Christian Louboutin, which revolves around the story of beautiful Bollywood divas who are casted under a spell and only these two designers have the ability to rescue them from its influence.

The entire collection is promoted on the ace designers instagram channels. So stay tuned for more updates!

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