Ojas Rajani’s Guide On Must Have Makeup Brushes For Beginners

India’s Ace Celebrity Hair And Makeup Expert Ojas Rajani Reveals A List Of Must Have MakeUp Brushes Essential For A Flawless Appearing Makeup Application.

If you have been keeping up with Kardashians and beauty vloggers off late, you are probably all there when it comes to the in trend pro makeup techniques .

Be it contouring to enhance the facial structure for that chiseled look or the latest eyeshadow technique of cut creasing, it all comes down to investing in professional tools and products.

But owning richly pigmented products and knowing these pro makeup techniques alone won’t do much in improving your makeup application skills.

You also need good quality makeup brushes to win the blending, sculpting and cut creasing game.

Having said that, still many of us prefer brushing aside the very idea of knowing and thereby investing in these high quality makeup brushes only for the reason that we find it all way too overwhelming.

So to help you get sorted with your makeup brushes, we got candid with Bollywood’s favourite, much loved and respected celebrity hair and makeup expert Ojas Rajani.

Must Have Makeup Brushes

With an experience of more than two decades into the fashion and beauty industry, there’s something enchanting about his brush strokes that end up transforming pretty leading ladies of the entertainment industry into even gorgeous faces that we see on screen.

Ojas told us about his personal favorites in brands for makeup brushes.

“I count on Shu uemura and Sigma Beauty for makeup brushes. Shu uemura brushes are a bit expensive as against Sigma Beauty but both are ideal for those artistic strokes”.

So for all those makeup fanatics out there, here’s a list of Ojas Rajani’s must have makeup brushes that are a must for your makeup bag.

1) Concealer Brush

Concealer Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

F75 – Concealer Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $16

While foundation does the job of evening out your skin tone, that is not just enough to conceal the under eye circles, scars, fine lines, blemishes and edges around your lips. That’s when you put concealer on the tip of the brush and conceal these imperfections instantly.

For precise placement of the concealer, you need a brush that features a thin, flat and a tapered head. The dense, flat fibres of the concealer brush allow for building coverage as needed and are ideal for liquid and cream based concealers.

2) Foundation Brush

Foundation Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

F60 – Foundation Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $22

While star foundations are important in giving you that flawless finish, much of it is dependent on the application.

And for those artistic strokes, you unarguably need a high quality foundation brush to seamlessly blend the foundation into your skin.

Depending upon the choice of your foundation – cream, liquid or powder – and the finish you wish to achieve – low to high coverage – there are companies that offer foundation brushes to master each of them.

3) Blending Or Buffer Brush

Blending Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

E25 – Blending Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $16

As the name suggests, you need this brush to buff it out! It’s soft yet firm, densely packed synthetic fibres are meant to buff powder into your skin.

Get rid of all the intense foundation and blush lines, appease the contour lines as the rounded edges of the buffer brush allow for an impeccable blending and working around the nose and eyes areas of your face.

4) Eye Primer Brush

Eye Primer Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

Perfect Eye Primer Brush By Paula Dorf

Well, if you know the perks of using an eye shadow primer, you certainly understand how intelligently you need to choose an eye shadow primer brush.

Eye primers tend to create a base for the eyelids; an even canvas for the makeup artist to work on. These provide for the eyeshadows, mascaras and liners to go smooth, stick longer to your eyelids and even accentuate certain eye shadow hues, making them pop out.

In a nutshell, no expensive shadows melting down to your face, creasing throughout the day, or your tons of eye shadow hard work disappearing within few hours.

Eye primer brushes are a bit longer, thicker and wider as against the concealer brushes. These help in even application of the tiny bit of eye primer that you place on the brush.

5) Eyebrow Comb And Filler Brush

Eyebrow Comb Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

E80 – Brow And Lash Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $15

Angled Brow Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

E75 – Angled Brow Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $17

There are a number of brushes that are commonly labelled as eyebrow brushes. Again, choosing the ones meant for you boils down to the type of fillers you choose and the way you want to tame and shape your brows.

Using eyebrow pencil as a filler doesn’t require a filler brush. But if you’re working with powder fillers matching your skin tone, you need a filler brush that helps you evenly place the powder filler.

Eyebrow comb and filler brush is a combination of two tools, where the comb helps to blend the filler and shape the brow while the filler brush helps you place the powder filler.

6) Eye shadow Brush

Eye Shadow Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

Natural Brush 10 By Shu Uemura; Price: $68

It is a small, condensed brush, usually made to mimic the size of your fingertip to perfectly apply the shadow from lash line to crease.

It’s rounded, slanting edges allow for perfect blending; Simply pick the eye shadow with the help of the eye shadow brush and swipe it across the eyelid, starting from the inner corner of the eye and extending up to the crease.

7) Eyeliner Brush

Eye Liner Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

E05 – Eye Liner Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $9.80

Winged Eyeliner Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

E06 – Winged Liner Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $15

Flat Definer Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

E15 – Flat Definer Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $15

There are again a variety of eyeline of brushes to choose from, depending upon the type of eyeliner look you are planning to achieve.

Eyeliner brushes are perfectly shaped in a way to achieve precise and even line. Where precise eye liner brushes help you create thinner lines, there are brushes that come with semi – flat , flat and angled tips to achieve winged or cat eyeliner.

8) Eyeliner Smudge Brush

Smudge Brush , Must Have Makeup Brushes

E21 – Smudge Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $15

This is a must – have tool to achieve that smokey eye look. The short – curved shape of the brush is designed for smudging.

This brush is also used to soften the eyeliner by running it along the entire lash line, including both the top and the bottom for that smokey effect.

Simply pick the eyeshadow with the brush and swipe it over the entire eyelid or the crease, blending the same as you do so.

9) Highlighter Brush

Highlighter Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

F35 – Tapered Highlighter Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $25

Highlighter brush comes with a tapered end and features soft, loose fibres that allow for precision highlighting on the cheeks and brow bones.

Perfect for achieving the illuminating glow.

10) Lip Brush

Lip Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

Kolinsky Portable Extra Lip Brush By Shu Uemura; Price: $35

If you want to define the contours of the lip precisely and want a budge-proof or a smudge proof application, then a lip brush of utmost quality is a must have. The brush has a firm resiliency that enables more controlled lipstick application and its flat, firm fibres with a tapered tip helps in easy application of the formula.

There are either classic lip brushes with standard handles and ferrules or travel friendly portable lip that get easily retracted in its own case. These brushes come with a case that gets easily fitted on the other end of the brush thus giving more length to the brush and hence better control.

11) Contour Brush/Sculpting Brush

Contour Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

F04 – Extreme Structure Contour Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $22

For creating prominent cheekbones and a firm, well-defined jawline, contouring brush comes handy. The brush incorporates densely packed hair and structured shape that helps in targeted contouring along the cheekbones, forehead, and the jawline.

The angled brush helps in sculpting the face more precisely and the firmer bristles help in blending the underlying product thus giving the illusion of high, prominent natural features.

12) Flush Blush Brush

Flush Blush Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

F10 – Powder/Blush Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $25

To give your cheekbones a soft flush of color and add a healthy glow to the apples of your cheeks, you need a Blush Brush that precisely applies and blends cream, liquid and powder textured blush to create captivating cheeks.

Depending on the texture of the blush and the end result that you desire, you need to choose the right kind of blush brush for controlled colour placement and perfect blending.

A dome shaped brush or a brush with slanted bristles works perfectly well with powder based blushes and for cream or mousse based blush, stippling brush helps in sweeping and blending the blush more precisely.

13) Eyeshadow Contour Brush

Eyeshadow Contour Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

UD PRO Eyeshadow Contour Brush By Urban Decay; Price: $22

To perfectly accentuate the eyes and enhance the appearance of the shadow created by the bone, an eyeshadow contour brush is mandatory. The brush incorporates smaller and shorter bristles that taper towards the tip of the brush and help in blending the contour color deeply into the crease of the eye.

The Eyeshadow Contour Brush is crafted in such a way that its shape and size are just perfect for accentuating the crease of the eyelid. All you need to do is dap the contour color and move the tip of the brush back and forth on the crease of the eyelid for a clean definition.

14) Pencil Brush

Pencil Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

E30 – Pencil Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $15

As the name suggests, this brush incorporates soft fibres gathering into a pencil shaped tip that is just perfect for precise shading on the lid, in the eye crease or along the lash line. The Pencil Brush is used for smudging pencil eye liner or blending the eyeliner into the eyeshadow, both on the upper and the lower lash lines to create a soft definition.

The trending cut crease eye makeup look – where the crease of the eyelid is defined using a contrasting eyeshadow color by cutting across the crease – is created using a Pencil brush. This technique involves little to no blending of the two underlying contrasting colors.

15) Fan Brush

Fan Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

F41 – Fan Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $18

The bristles of the fan brush taking the shape of a fan, the fan brush is one of the most versatile tools in your kit. A fan brush comes in varied sizes where each one is used for a different purpose.

Large fan brushes are used for dusting highlighter, blush, bronzer, contour powder and loose powder. These brushes even out brighter pigments and help in imparting a natural looking finish.

16) Nose Contour Brush

Nose Contour Brush, Must Have Makeup Brushes

P84 – Precision Angled Brush By Sigma Beauty; Price: $20

The nose Contour brush features a small and flat angled brush head with dense and firm bristles that is used to apply the contouring product to hollows of the cheeks and sides o the nose.

The brush is crafted in such a way that when pecked with the underlying product, it creates preliminary lines on the side of the nose to give an illusion of a slimmer nose.

Featured Image Courtesy: chanel.com
Other Image Sources: sigmabeauty.com; urbandecay.com; shuuemura-usa.compauladorf.com

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